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Maynooth Cycling Club is looking forward to welcoming new members to the club in the Spring and Summer. Whether you have been out on the road by yourself, or you have recently taken part in a cycling event, and you think you want to take your cycling further, we want to hear from you! We are an inclusive and friendly club and we aim to accommodate a range of leisure cycling ambitions, goals and abilities. As the weather improves, the Spring and early Summer is a great time to join us!  

The Monday evening spins, running from late April until mid-September, are relaxed spins ideal for getting used to riding in a group and developing your fitness and confidence.

The relaxed blue spins on a Saturday morning are also a great entry point to build fitness and experience in preparation for the rest of the summer!

If you are a more experienced cyclist, you probably already have a good idea of where you might slot in!

For any and all inquires, please contact us at

We run a number of different spins each week. Most of our spins are in Kildare and Meath, although some of the longer spins take in the hills of Wicklow. All our spins depart and finish in Maynooth.

Monday evenings (from the end of April until mid-September): "Leg Spinner" relaxed spin over 35km, aimed to include all club members.

Wednesday evenings (from the end of April until mid-September):
Black Group for experienced cyclists wanting to go "full gas": 50km at an average of 32-35 Kmph.
White Group for regular cyclists looking to push themselves: 40km at an average of 28-30 Kmph.
Blue Group: 40km at an average speed of about 25kmph.

Saturday mornings:
Blue Group: a relaxed spin, ideal for cyclists starting out riding in a group or wanting to get back into the habit. Approximately 50km at an average speed of roughly 25 Kmph.

White Group: The mainstay of the club spin calendar, a general group spin of about 70km at an average speed around 27Kmph.

Sunday mornings:
Black group: A spin for experienced cyclists of between 80-100km at an average speed of around 28-30 Kmph. These spins may also take in some significant climbing.

Please do not worry if you have not had experience riding in a group, we will provide guidance on the basics and soon it will be second nature! Group riding has many benefits, including social aspects, increased efficiency, and technical and moral support out on the road!

If you are wondering if you have sufficient fitness, a rough rule of thumb for joining the Monday or Saturday relaxed spins are if you can clock up about 40-50km at an average speed of about 22-23Kmph when out by yourself (remember that riding in a group is easier and you will go faster for the same effort in a group than when out by yourself). This is meant as a rough guide, so if you have any questions please contact us at

No, you can come out with us on a trial spin before you decide to join the club. The annual membership fee is €40, and you will also need to be a leisure cycling member of Cycling Ireland. If you decide to join us, we will send you the links for membership.

Again, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

If you have any further questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us on

We look forward to seeing you out on the road soon!

You will need a well-maintained and road-worthy road bike to join club spins, and you should have a reasonable level of competence to deal with basic and common mechanicals on the road (eg. punctures). We would strongly recommend having your bike serviced before first joining club spins to help ensure the roadworthiness of your bike and to increase your confidence on, and enjoyment of, club spins.

You will need a good quality helmet (no helmet, no spin), rear lights and a basic repair kit. During the winter, rear mudguards are required for all members. You will also need an appropriate water bottle (bidon) to keep yourself hydrated on the road, and we always recommend bringing some food as well (bars, snacks etc).

For any queries, please contact us at

Maynooth cycling Club was founded in 2015 to cater for adults with a passion for road cycling. The club runs numerous weekly leisure spins designed to cater across a range of abilities and cycling goals, as well as first running the Velo Abu Sportive in 2019.

The Facebook page of the club can be found at 

Inquiries about membership can be directed to
If you are interested in joining the club and are wondering about the level of fitness required, if you can cycle between 35km to 50km on your own at an average speed of approximately 22-23 kmph, you should be able to join some of our club spins. Guidance on cycling in a group will be provided.
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